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Tips For Cleaning Modern Ottomans

It is important to clean your furniture regularly to maintain its beauty and quality and prolong its life. This is especially true if you have young children or pets. Here are some tips for cleaning your modern ottoman to keep it in tip-top condition.  For a more detailed list of tips on caring for your furniture, please see: Care & Maintenance


Of all your furniture, Ottomans require the most care and maintenance.  This is because Ottomans usually experience the harshest treatment.  They are used for many purposes: sitting, a resting place for our feet, a place to set drinks or other items, and a spot for pets to lounge.  With all this activity ottomans can easily become quite dirty–this is why prompt and regular cleaning is  important.

Immediate Clean Up

To prevent spills from setting into the upholstery of your ottoman, wipe the spill immediately.  For most spills, dab up the liquid with a cool damp cloth–be sure to move from the outer part of the spill inward to prevent spreading.  Continue to blot the spill until it is gone.  For harder to clean spills, please follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.  Use only high-quality cleaning products that are designed to clean your furniture.  After cleaning, remove excess cleaning fluid from the material with a dry, clean cloth.  If you are unsure about the cleaning agent, first test it on a less visible section of your ottoman.  The use of chemicals, such as household detergents and cleaners, should not be used to clean your ottoman because they can cause irreparable damage.  Make sure to allow the ottoman to fully dry before letting anyone else use it, otherwise, you run the risk of allowing other stains and odors to set in.

For debris, such as dirt and pet hair, vacuum, brush, or wipe the upholstery to remove all debris.  Be sure to check the legs of your ottoman to see if they have become dirty.  Clean the legs with a soft cloth and, for wooden legs, you can use a furniture polish making sure not to get the polish on the upholstery.

Routine Cleaning

In addition to spot cleaning for accidents, it is very important to regularly clean your ottoman, this will prolong its beauty and life.  Different materials require different types of care and cleaning. First and foremost, it is important to follow the cleaning recommendations for upholstery, using only high-quality products designed to clean your furniture.  Here are general guidelines for maintaining your upholstery:

  • Leather
    • Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment and dust with a soft dry cloth. For certain leathers, you may brush it lightly; however, do not rub or use excessive force when brushing.
  • Fabric
    • Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment to remove dust and dirt and gently brush with a lint brush or soft brush. Brush pile fabrics lightly with a stiff bristle brush to remove minor stains and regain the original appearance.  Do not rub or use excessive force when brushing. 
  • Faux Leather
    • Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment to remove dust and dirt and finish by wiping with a soft dry cloth.

With these tips, and more on our Care & Maintenance Page, you’ll be able to keep your modern ottomans nice and clean.

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