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At TELA, we offer beautiful Italian home décor with a modern minimalist design, unique artistic accents for your home

  • Bubble | Ottoman

    Starting At: $1,010.00
  • Contralto | Clothes Rack / Valet Stand

    Starting At: $2,469.00
  • Contralto | Mirror

    Starting At: $1,286.00
  • Cuscini | Pillow

    Starting At: $429.00
  • Hoop | Coffee Table

    Starting At: $3,471.00
  • Prince | Mirror

    Starting At: $839.00
  • Toys | Ottoman

    Starting At: $1,262.00

Why Get Home Décor from TELA?

At TELA, we believe that home décor should be more than just functional, it should reflect your unique personality and style. That is why we offer a selection of luxurious, handcrafted Italian décor that is both beautifully designed and made to last. Our artisans have many years of experience crafting stunning pieces using only the finest materials.
Want to find out more about our home décor? Feel free to contact us today.