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At TELA, our beautiful handcrafted Italian chairs have a modern minimalist design – perfect for your living room or bedroom!

  • Lady Botero | Armchair

    Starting At: $3,585.00
  • Laurie | Armchair

    Starting At: $2,121.00
  • New York | Armchair

    Starting At: $2,517.00
  • New York | Armchair & Ottoman

    Starting At: $3,812.00
  • Onda | Armchair

    Starting At: $6,069.00
  • Oplà | Armchair

    Starting At: $1,635.00
  • Peonia | Armchair

    Starting At: $3,231.00
  • Polaris | Armchair

    Starting At: $2,417.00
  • Stadio | Armchair

    Starting At: $6,088.00
  • Zenit | Armchair

    Starting At: $7,216.00

Why Get Italian Chairs from TELA?

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, it’s important to consider not only the style and appearance of the pieces but also their quality and durability. This is especially true when it comes to chairs, as they are used frequently and subjected to wear and tear. Chairs from TELA Italian Furniture offer the best in design, quality, comfort, and durability.
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