Made in Italy with the Finest Materials

Three key components are required to make luxury Italian furniture: a beautiful design, masterful handcraftsmanship, and premium materials. Our artisans use the finest materials to create furniture with the greatest comfort, look, and durability with a keen regard for the environment and sustainability.

Leather / Simulated Leather

There are two essential elements to consider when selecting natural leather: the quality of the leather and the process used to tan the leather to prepare it for making furniture.  Our artisans use the finest high-quality leathers, almost exclusively from Europe.  For the tanning, all processing is done in the Venice region–an area world-renowned for its premium tanning methods.

Our Italian vendors offer a variety of different leather types. The primary choices are natural or simulated leather.  With natural leather you have a few choices: full grain, top grain, split / corrected grain, and Nubuck / suede.  They can be dyed with either an aniline or semi-aniline process (with the semi aniline providing a protective topcoat).   Simulated leathers are excellent choices as well and come in a variety of fabric types.  Our leathers are available in a variety of colors; if you don’t see the color you desire on our website, please contact us.

Please see the attached video of Gianvito Mazzarella who is our Italian vendor of Cubo Rosso, explaining the types of leather they offer.


Our artisans use fabrics that are manufactured by top textile manufacturers, primarily from Europe (e.g., Kvadrat of Denmark). Only the highest quality coverings are used, ensuring maximum comfort and durability. All coverings are available in a variety of colors. If you don’t see the color you desire on our website, please contact us. We only use coverings from manufacturers dedicated to eco-friendliness and sustainability


The primary padding used in our furniture is high-density cut-foam polyurethane.  The use of high-density foam ensures long-lasting comfort each and every time you relax.  For some of our products, the comfort has been further enhanced by the use of down feathers.  Our artisans are constantly working to utilize more recycled and recyclable padding materials.


Our furniture, primarily living room tables, uses only top-quality dark and white varieties of marble, including Carrara Marble, Emperador, Fior Di Pesco, Grafite, Green Guatemalan, and Nero Marquina Marble. These premium marbles create a stunning impression


Our artisans have a keen regard for forest sustainability and make great efforts to use certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, or wood that meets FSC standards.  All wood is of the highest quality, ensuring a beautiful long-lasting look.  The types of wood used include solid wood, such as Ash, Ebony, Oak, and Walnut. The surface of the wood can be finished with oils, stains, or lacquers, including matt and glossy options.  Wood and wood products are also used for the interior structure of our furniture, ensuring our furniture’s stability and durability.


The use of high-quality metals, such as aluminum, iron, and steel, provides a beautiful addition of style.  The metals can be finished in a variety of manners, including chrome, paint, and matt and glossy finishes.  Metal may be used as part of the furniture internal support structure to ensure durability.


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